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PayNortheast's Payroll

Online and on the go

Online and on the go


Access your account and run payroll from any device, wherever you happen to be.

No payroll setup fees

Our easy-to-use software and helpful support team is here to get you started.

Digital signatures

Paper is so early 2000s. With PayNortheast, you can sign your forms electronically.


Add your accountant, bookkeeper, or other team members to the system.

Automated payroll, taxes and filings

Automated taxes

All state, local and federal payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid for you.

Child-support garnishments

Child support orders can be complex. Send the orders to us and we will set them up in the system and automatically make the payments for you.

W-2s and 1099s

We file and issue your W-2 and 1099s, plus we will send them to your employees and contractors.


Eliminates the tedious process of check reconciliation and risk of check fraud by issuing checks to your employees that clear off a PayNortheast bank account.


Email your payroll hours to us each pay period. We will enter the data and process the payroll on your behalf.

New hire reporting

We'll automatically report new hires to the government for you.

Automated payroll
Flxible payroll

Simple, flexible payroll features

Unlimited payrolls

Run payroll as many times as you need.


Add deductions, post-tax for things like garnishments, or

pre-tax for benefits.

Net-to-gross calculations

Enter the net amount your employee should receive, and our software will calculate the gross amount you need to pay before taxes. Click a button and the amount is automatically added to payroll. Great for bonuses.

Flexible payment schedules

Pay your team weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month or monthly. Schedule daily, quarterly and annual payrolls for special circumstances.

Multiple pay rates

Pay employees different rate based on the work they preform. Use our time and attendance solution to capture location and departments to automatically apply the correct rate.

Labor allocation

Allocate wages and taxes to multiple locations, departments and jobs based on the hours in payroll. Setup an automatic allocation to apply specific percents or use the hours captured in your time & attendance system.  

Contractor Payments

Pay contractors through our system and we automatically file and send 1099s for you.


Pay employee reimbursements at the same time your run payroll.


Schedule any type of earning or add it to an employee at the same time you run payroll.

Multiple pay schedules

Customize your pay schedule based on your needs.

General ledger exports

Simplify the process of entering payroll data into your General Ledger. Eliminate errors and save time by generating mapped GL reports for direct import into your accounting software.

Time-tracking integrations

Seamlessly import employee hours into payroll using our time & attendance system, or import hours from your current timekeeping or point of sale system.

Flexible payroll options

You can submit payroll online, by phone or by email.

Payroll reports

Generate and download payroll registers, bank transactions, tax reports, time off reports, and so much more. Save time by having any report emailed to your.

You can organize employees and contractors by location, departments and teams for easy management and reporting.

Lifetime accounts

Users can access their pay statements, W-2s and 1099s online, even after they leave your team.

Employee management


Accrual tracking

Set time-off policies and track vacation and sick balances for your employees.

Direct Deposit

Your employees' paychecks go straight into their accounts. Employees without account information will be paid via check.

Self Service

Allow employees to update their own information, so you can have fewer questions and less paperwork.

Employee management
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