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Bank Holidays 2021

Bank Holidays 2021

The Federal Reserve Bank offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and the following 2021 bank holidays. For holidays falling on Sunday, the Federal Reserve Bank will be closed the following Monday.

Veterans Day
Nov 11
Nov 11
Nov 11
Washington's Birthday
Feb 15
Feb 21
Feb 20
New Year's Day
Jan 1
Jan 1
Jan 1
Independence Day
Jul 4
Jul 4
Jul 4
Birthday Of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jan 18
Jan 17
Jan 16
Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25
Nov 24
Nov 23
Labor Day
Sep 6
Sep 5
Sep 4
Memorial Day
May 31
May 30
May 29
Columbus Day
Oct 11
Oct 10
Oct 9
Christmas Day
Dec 25
Dec 25
Dec 25

2021 Bank holidays falling on Saturday, Banks and Branches will be open the preceding Friday.

For 2021 bank holidays falling on Sunday, Banks and Branches will be closed the following Monday.

What is a Bank Holiday?

A bank holiday is a business day during which financial institutions are closed. Bank holidays are most relevant for physical branch locations because many online banking services continue to operate.

The dates are major federal holidays when most financial institutions—stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and traders—also take the day off. Although rare, bank holidays can also be declared to prevent bank runs.

What are the 2021 Bank Holidays?

  • January 1 (New Year’s Day)

  • January 18 (Martin Luther King Day)

  • February 15 (Washington's Birthday)

  • May 31 (Memorial Day)

  • June 19 (Juneteenth)

  • July 4 (Independence Day)

  • September 6 (Labor Day)

  • October 11 (Columbus Day)

  • November 11 (Veteran’s Day)

  • November 25 (Thanksgiving Day)

  • December 25 (Christmas Day)

Bank Holiday 2021 Exceptions

Most online banking systems will still allow access by customers, even on bank holidays. Popular online banking services include deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and bill payments (essentially, the majority of the basic transactions that an individual or retail customer would need throughout the day). It's important to point out that while you can make deposits on a bank holiday, they won't get added to your account as they normally would until the next regular business day.

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