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New York Sexual Harassment Training

New York sexual harassment law requires all workers to adhere to NY mandatory harassment training. To assist employers with complying with the legislation, PayNortheast provides Free New York harassment training.

New York Harassment Training
New York Harassment Training

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New York Harassment Training

Let's start here. If you're an employer, you've probably been on the receiving end of a multitude of solicitations from companies using fear tactics to sell you custom New York harassment policy and training solutions that cost a lot of money. Before you sign any contracts, we recommend first familiarizing yourself with the new york sexual harassment law, how it works and all of the free resources PayNortheast has already made available to employers. Our New York harassment training program is quick, simple, and 100% free for everyone. Individuals that take our New York harassment training will be emailed a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the training. This certificate serves as proof that the employee completed their annual new york harassment training requirement.

new york sexual harassment prevention

About Our New York Harassment Training

In consultation with the Division of Human Rights, the New York State Department of Labor has established a model sexual harassment prevention training for employers to adopt. Using this training would ensure compliance for this specific component of the law.

During this interactive training, the participant will watch a series of videos followed by several questions with an explanation of each answer. Each participant can complete the training by clicking "Begin New York Harassment Training" on the top left section of this page.

New York Harassment Training Features

New York compliant PayNortheast's New York harassment training uses the state model template to ensure compliance.

Certificate of completion - Employees will be emailed a certificate of completion at the conclusion of their New York harassment training. These certificates should be filed by the employer to provide proof employees completed the NY mandatory harassment training.

Free online harassment training for employees - PayNortheast's New York harassment training is free for everyone as part of our initiative to provide affordable solutions to employers of all sizes!

new york harassment training
ny harassment prevention

Are You Complying With The New York Sexual Harassment Law?

New York Harassment Training Requirements Overview

New York Harassment Complaint Form

New York Harassment ComplaintForm

New York Harassment Poster

New York Harassment Poster

NY Sexual Harassment Policy

New York Harassment Policy
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