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Time Clocks

Our Intelligent, interactive time clock offerings combine the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services.

TimeWorksTouch - Time Clock

TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services. Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give managers powerful labor management and cost control tools. This plug and play time clock uses Android OS to provide a superior experience.

Modern Time Clock
Weather Resistant Time Clock

TimeWorksTUFF - Time Clock

TimeWorksTUFF includes all the features of TimeWorksTouch time clock in an industrial-style case geared for sites that are not your typical clean and protected offices. Get the same great punch features backed by the leading cloud-based timekeeping service but in a dust/shock/water-resistant shell.

Z34 Time Clock

The Z34 is a feature-rich time clock solution that offers employers a wide variety of valuable labor management technologies.

With the Z34, organizations benefit from a time clock with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader and an on-screen fingerprint view to assist employees clocking in/out. This affordable biometric time clock also connects via Ethernet for real-time access to employee punch data.

Time Clock
Affordable Time Clock

Z14 Time Clock

The Z14 is a practical time clock solution that offers employers valuable labor management technologies through two device options, including a proximity-based unit or magnetic stripe card reader.

With the Z14 employers benefit from a practical, affordable, real-time solution (Ethernet-enabled) with superior internal processor and memory capacity.

Simplify Your Timekeeping

At PayNortheast, we believe effective Time and Attendance turns your labor cost into a competitive advantage. The first step in that process is to determine which of our collection tools satisfies your organization's unique needs. 


TimeWorksMobile is available as both iOS and Android apps with features for supervisors and employees. Punch in/out and include GPS locations; view schedules and time cards; and, submit/approve time off requests and more.

Web Clock

Web Clock

Web Clock offers the ease of clocking in and out through a standard web browser. With no software to install and no hardware to maintain, our Web Clock makes tracking your employees’ punches in real-time easier than ever before.

Web Clock also enables employees to check their time card and/or schedule over the web. Supervisors benefit from the convenience of online access for editing employee time cards from any web-enabled workstation.

It's About Time

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