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Construction Payroll

Whether you’re tracking and paying employees across multiple jobs at multiple pay rates, paying employees without a bank account, or just trying to manage everything from your job site, see how we can help make all that busywork simple and streamlined.

Manage, track and pay your workers across projects, sites and jobs

As anyone in the construction industry knows, you need to keep track of hundreds of different moving pieces, including how to optimize your workforce, wherever they are; manage your cash flow while juggling multiple projects across multiple sites; and keep up with compliance and reporting. We can help make your life simpler with easy-to-use solutions, so you can focus on doing great work for your clients.

construction workers

Designed with input from people like you

We talk to our construction clients about their day-to-day challenges — such as tracking and paying employees across multiple jobs at different rates — and then we combine their input with our industry expertise. The result? Solutions that meet the needs of the construction environment, including:

  • Tools that let you do everything you need to from the job site, including geofencing and paying employees

  • The ability to assign employees to a job based on pay rate as well as skill level

  • Mobile solutions that let employees clock in and out from their phones

  • Global Cash Card - a Mastercard card that allows you to pay people without bank accounts

We provide services that work

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