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Healthcare Solutions

Whether you’re managing shift changes or tracking licenses, see how we can help you rest easy knowing your staff is accurately paid and your organization is compliant.

Worry less about compliance —
and more about caring for patients

Whether your organization is an extended care facility, a busy physician's office, a provider of home health services or a competitive medical/surgical hospital, PayNortheast can help you be more efficient managing your workforce. Our human capital management (HCM) solutions integrate HR systems, time and labor, and payroll so you can focus on what matters: aligning labor, productivity and patient care.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Designed with input from people like you

We talk to our healthcare clients about their day-to-day challenges like making sure staff are properly trained and then we combine their input with our industry expertise. The result? Solutions that meet the needs of the healthcare environment and help you deliver quality patient care, safety and satisfaction, including:

  • Making it easy to track licenses, certifications and training all in one system, with easy-to-use apps

  • Helping staffing managers schedule the right people, in the right place, at the right time

  • Creating and distributing relevant curricula and training to help ensure that employees stay up to date on the laws and policies that impact their work

  • Funding employee wages from multiple payroll accounts based on hours worked at specific locations, departments and jobs

We provide services that work

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