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Best Online Payroll Service

Companies have different payroll needs. Some need basic online payroll while others need a solution that can offer human resources services, reliable payroll processing features, time and attendance, and dependable payroll tax management. In both situation, PayNortheast absolutely fits the bill. PayNortheast is the best online payroll service of 2020 for companies looking to make their dollar go further.

Why PayNortheast?

PayNortheast offers a flexible, full-featured payroll service for payroll processing and payroll tax obligations. The company provides a host of other services and features as well. You can choose the payroll schedule you want – weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly – and pay all types of employees, including part-time W-2 employees, 1099 contractors and other freelancers. With customer service the focus of their 5 star reviews on Google, and low pricing that is sure to save any business a small fortune, it's not wonder why so many businesses are switching to PayNortheast.

What makes PayNortheast an appealing option for so many businesses is the flexibility in their services. PayNortheast's scalable software provides value to the smallest companies who only need basic payroll - to larger companies who need a robust human resource management system.

Their robust software goes beyond the traditional payroll processing services by including HR tools and features, such as applicant tracking, onboarding, HR administration, benefit administration, background check services, timekeeping, HR compliance apps and tools, handbook builders and more.

Businesses also want flexibility in how employees are paid. You can pay your employees in multiple ways with PayNortheast, including direct deposit, prepaid debit cards, check, and print-back. PayNortheast also offers check signing and check logo services. All of these options are included at no additional cost.

PayNortheast Pricing and Service Plans

PayNortheast offers simple, transparent pricing for its services.

Here is a breakdown of PayNortheast's core plans and pricing.

  • Essential: This is the most basic PayNortheast service plan. In addition to the payroll processing and payroll tax services, the Essential plan includes new-hire reporting, direct deposit, prepaid debit cards, check signing and emailed reports, Plus, they take care of quarterly tax returns and year-end processing. Everything is managed on your behalf for the same price as the DIY payroll software.

  • Core: This is the most popular plan for small businesses. It includes everything in the Essential plan, plus access to a dedicated payroll specialist, labor compliance posters, garnishment payment service (PayNortheast handles the setup and payment of all income execution orders) plus access to their HR Apps and Tools, which includes a handbook builder, HR library, compliance notifications, HR templates, etc. You can read more about their HR Apps and Tools here.

  • Complete: This plan includes everything in the Core plan, plus applicant tracking, electronic onboarding, background screening integration, benefit administration, electronic forms, document vault, custom alerts & notifications, accrual tracking, and more.

Plan Pricing:

  • Essential: $50 per month + $6 per employee paid per month.

  • Core: $90 per month + $6 per employee paid per month.

  • Complete: $90 per month + $8 per employee per month.

If you are not familiar with industry pricing, PayNortheast's pricing is extremely low. Companies using ADP or Paychex can expect to pay 3-4 times this amount.

PayNortheast provides several add-on services to their core plans such as timekeeping, ACA processing and even web development.


PayNortheast offers a number of different services and features, including the following:

Payroll processing: PayNortheast handles all of your payroll processing. The payroll software calculates how much each employee should be paid based on the hours they work and their pay rate. It also accounts for any additions, like bonuses or commissions, and deductions for things like health benefits. 

Paycheck options: You can pay your employees by direct deposit, check or pay card. If your employees choose to be paid by check, PayNortheast prints the checks and mails them to you, or you can print your own checks onsite. 

Payroll tax: PayNortheast handles all your payroll tax compliance issues. The service calculates, files, and pays your payroll taxes on time and ensures they are accurate. You don't have to worry about errors, because PayNortheast backs up its services with an accuracy guarantee. The guarantee states that PayNortheast pays the penalties if there are any mistakes in your payroll taxes. The service also processes year-end W-2 and 1099 forms for your employees. 

Payroll reports: PayNortheast provides employers with more than 160 payroll-related reports. Enterprise users can also create their own custom reports. 

New-hire reporting: The payroll service handles all the state-required reporting when you hire a new employee or contractor.  Accounting integrations: PayNortheast allows businesses to link their payroll data to popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

  Unemployment insurance: PayNortheast helps businesses manage the entire unemployment insurance process. 

Applicant Tracking: PayNortheast provides a cost effective applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows you to post unlimited jobs, communicate with applicants, and seamlessly transition the best applicants to employees.

Onboarding: PayNortheast's onboarding allows employees to onboard themselves into the payroll system. Employees can enter their personal information, direct deposit details, complete their I-9, W-4 and other required forms. Companies can upload custom forms that can be electronically completed during the onboarding process such as a handbook acknowledgement.

Background screening: PayNortheast provides a seamless integration with their background screening provider. They offer over 35 different screenings.

HR administration: These tools include options to track performance tracking, benefit administration, applicant tracking, employee onboarding, manage employee credential and store important documents safely in the cloud. 

Time & Attendance: Other than allowing employees to punch, PayNortheast's timekeeping system allows you to track benefit accruals, approve time off requests, build custom time rules, report on labor, configure and view timesheet alerts (such as approaching overtime), run reports, and easily see missing punches. Employees can punch online, on their phone, or by using one of several time-clock options.

Ease of Use

The PayNortheast platform is very easy to use. As a cloud-hosted system, it's accessible from any web browser. You can also manage your payroll from a mobile device.

Running payroll is a simple task with just a few steps. All you have to do is enter your payroll information (salaries, hours worked and pay rates), confirm that the data is correct and submit the payroll for processing. Rather than running payroll manually each pay period, you can set up recurring amounts for faster processing.

The system offers employee self-service. Employees get their own login so they can access the system to see their paystubs, year-end tax documents, access company documents, request time off, and edit information such as their withhold elections, direct deposit accounts and more. Employee access can be adjusted, so you can restrict what employees are able to do.


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