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PayNortheast vs ADP vs Paychex: 2019 Price & Features Comparison

When comparing payroll processing companies for small business, three of the best software options are ADP vs Paychex vs PayNortheast. All provide software as a service (SaaS) online payroll—including labor law and tax compliance.

When to Use PayNortheast as Your Payroll Processor

We recommend PayNortheast as the best payroll provider for small businesses with under 250 employees because they deliver services comparable to big-name competitors at a significantly lower price with a level of personalized support larger companies cannot match. They’ll manage payroll taxes on your behalf, issue payments via direct deposit, generate year-end W-2s and 1099s, help you find workers’ compensation insurance, offer compliance services and more.

When to Use ADP as Your Payroll Processor

ADP is a great payroll option for businesses that grow past 250 employees, those who have used ADP in the past, or businesses that want to customize their benefits and interfaces. With over 60 years of payroll expertise, ADP is the logical choice for international corporations or those who need custom tools to solve their complex payroll needs.

When to Use Paychex as Your Payroll Processor

Businesses that seek large employer payroll experience and excellent customer service may prefer Paychex over ADP. Both ADP and Paychex are two of the most well-known payroll providers in the United States.; when looking at ADP versus Paychex, there is little difference between them. They’re both built to support big employers with levels of complexity and customization options many small businesses don’t need.


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