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Change Fingerprint Accuracy | TimeWorksTouch

There are three levels of accuracy:

  • Most Accurate- The default setting that has little, to no risk of adding a punch to the wrong time card.

  • Less Accurate- This middle setting does better at recognizing faint or smeared fingerprints. It may also improve the speed at which TimeWorksTouch matches a fingerprint. However, it does increase the risk of adding punches to the wrong time card.

  • Least Accurate- This setting is not recommended. It has the greatest risk of adding punches to the wrong time card.

Changing Fingerprint Accuracy

IMPORTANT: Adjusting from the default, Most Accurate setting, to one of the less accurate settings increases the likelihood of mismatched punches.

  • On the clock entry screen, tap the gear icon on the top right corner to access the Settings menu. (This should not be confused with the Device Settings, which you may see if you exit the TimeWorksTouch app.)

TimeWorksTouch Settings
TimeWorksTouch Settings

  • Login with the same credentials you use to login to the timekeeping system as a manager. (If you are a SwipeClock partner, you can use your Accountant-level credentials as well.)

  • Select the Fingerprints tab.

TimeWorksTouch Fingerprint Menu
TimeWorksTouch Fingerprint Menu

  • Tap Change Fingerprint Accuracy.

  • Select your desired accuracy setting.

Change Fingerprint Accuracy | TimeWorkTouch
Change Fingerprint Accuracy | TimeWorkTouch

  • Tap the X at the top right corner to exit the page.

Your changes will be saved.Once you change the accuracy, TimeWorksTouch enforces those settings on all punches moving forward. You do not need to re-enroll fingerprints after changing the accuracy.



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