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Christmas Eve is now a Federal Holiday

On December 11th, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that makes Christmas Eve an official federal holiday this year.

President Trump makes Christmas Eve a federal holiday

“All executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government shall be closed and their employees excused from duty on Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020, the day before Christmas Day,” the legislation said.

Other presidents have offered federal workers a half-day in the past, but this executive order makes Christmas Eve a federal holiday, giving federal employees a full day off.

There are exceptions to the order, of course, with some employees still having to report for duty for reasons of “national security, defense or other public need.”

Read the legislation to make Christmas Eve a federal holiday right here.

How does Christmas Eve being a federal holiday impact your payroll

Companies that use PayNortheast's payroll service will not be impacted by the president's decision to make Christmas Eve a federal holiday. Payroll can be processed as regularly scheduled and employee direct deposits will be processed accordingly.

If you do not use PayNortheast, you should contact your payroll provider to ensure the decision to make Christmas Eve a federal holiday will not impact your payroll.

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