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Edit Accrual Balances | TimeWorksPlus

The Accrual Balances link in the Maintenance Menu allows for you or a Client level user of an account to manually enter paid leave balances. Normally, this tool will be used to enter existing balances when client is starting an accrual policy in the system.

This tool can also be used after entering the initial balances to add hours to an employee’s balance or even “reset” their balance.

Note: This tool only shows up when an accruals are enabled.

Manual Adjustment Method

You can make adjustments "as of" any date in an unfinalized pay period. If you cannot select a certain date, it is because that pay period has been finalized. You will need to unfinalize the pay period to continue.

Edit Accrual Balances - TimeWorksPlus
You cannot adjust balances in a finalized pay period

Setup Options

When using the tool, you will have the following options to set:

  • Employee Filter- This will allow you to choose which employees you view when running the tool.

  • Which category- choose which of your time off categories you want to adjust

  • Choose an effective date for this change- IMPORTANT: This is a critical setting. It establishes on which date the balance is available. Whatever amount you enter for the balances will not be available to the employee until this date. If you are implementing a new accrual system for a client, make sure that this date corresponds with the date on which you have a known and accurate accrual balance for each employee. 

  • Click Show Employees and Balances and you will be taken to a new screen

What Happens If I Put in the Wrong Date? Bear in mind that if you add balances on the wrong date, you will want to do another adjustment on that same date that reduces the balance by the same amount you added. Changes on multiple dates can be cumulative based on how they are done. For instance, if you add 40 hours on May 1st and then add 40 hours on April 1st, then on May 1st, the employees balance will be 80 hours instead of 40.

Add Balance Screen 

The next screen will show a list of the employees and the balance they have (as of the effective date you entered in the previous screen). Note: This balance will not show future additions or subtractions to the bucket nor will it show if anyone has adjusted the balance on a future effective date.

TimeWorkPlus Accruals Balances
When adjusting balances, each employee's balance "as of the current date" will be displayed
  • Select with the dropdown at the top of the screen to either

  1. Add to existing balances will add or subtract to the current balance on the effective date.

  2. Change balance, replace any existing balance will wipe out the balances available with a new value as of your effective date.

  • The expiration date of any added balance is optional. 

  • In the amount column, enter the values for each employee

  • Click Save Changes near the bottom of the page.



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