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Enabling and Disabling Biometrics | TimeWorksTouch

TimeWorksTouch can identify employees by one of three methods: PIN, proximity card and biometric scan. The clock comes with all three options enabled. If for some reason the option has been disabled, follow these steps to enable: 

  • From the clock entry screen, tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen. It’s identified with a gear icon.

TimeWorksTouch Settings Icon
The gear icon provides access to the TimeWorksTouch settings
  • Login with your timekeeping login and password. You must be a client or accountant level user to enable the fingerprint scanner; supervisors cannot enable this feature.

  • Select the Clock Settings tab

TimeWorksTouch Clock Settings
Clock Settings tab for enabling collection methods
  • Toggle the Biometric Scan option to ON (green)

  • Tap X button to exit the settings and return to the clock entry screen

To disable the biometric option, follow the same steps as above and toggle off the Biometric Scan.



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