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Enrolling Employee Fingerprints - TimeWorksTouch

Before enrolling an employee's fingerprint in TimeWorksTouch, they must be setup in the timekeeping system. Also, TimeWorksTouch must be connected to the internet for fingerprint enrollment.

Enrollment Steps

Admins and supervisors can enroll an employee's fingerprint with the following steps:

  • On the clock entry screen, tap the gear icon at the top right corner. (This should not be confused with Device Settings gear icon, which you may see if you exit the TimeWorksTouch app.)

TimeWorkTouch Settings
TimeWorkTouch Settings
  • Enter the same username and password you use to login to the timekeeping system as a manager. (SwipeClock partners can use their Accountant-level credentials as well.)

  • Select the Fingerprints tab.

  • Tap Add employee fingerprint.

Enroll Fingerprints | TimeWorksTouch
Enroll Fingerprints | TimeWorksTouch

  • Select the employee by name. (An on-screen keyboard can be used to narrow the search.)

  • Tap Continue.

  • TimeWorksTouch will prompt the employee to place their fingerprint on the scanner. A beep will indicate that the fingerprint has been successfully scanned and the employee should then remove their finger.

  • The employee's finger will be scanned two more times in the same manner.

  • After three successful scans, TimeWorksTouch will confirm the enrollment with a pop-up message.

  • You can choose to either enroll another employee's fingerprint or tap Nevermind to return to the clock entry screen.

TimeWorksTouch can only enroll one fingerprint per employee. If you try to enroll the same employee a second time with a different fingerprint, TimeWorksTouch replaces the original fingerprint with the new one.



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