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Offline Mode for TimeWorksTouch

TimeWorksTouch still collects punches when its connection to the internet is dropped. However, when a loss of connectivity occurs, the clock operates differently. We refer to this state as “Offline Mode” and this article explains those differences.

How Do I Know if the Clock is in Offline Mode?

When the clock loses contact with the internet, a yellow banner will appear on the clock entry screen explaining the clock is in Offline Mode. PunchLogic requires an internet connection to check an employee’s punch state, so if the clock allows an employee to select either IN or OUT when using the clock, then it is offline.

TimeWorkTouch Offline Mode
On-screen message if the clock is in offline mode

What Do I Do to Restore the Connection?

When the clock is offline, follow these troubleshooting steps: For Ethernet Connections

  • Verify the cable is connected to the clock and your network port

  • Try a different Ethernet cable to see if the cable is faulty

  • Try connecting a different device to the Ethernet port to see if the port itself has a problem

  • Check with your Network Admin to see if any changes were made that might affect the device. This would most likely be if the network was using DHCP and now requires a static IP (or vice versa). Contact your timekeeping provider for additional assistance*.  

For Wi-Fi Connections

  • Check that your Wi-Fi isn’t down

  • Make sure the clock is in an area where it gets a strong signal. Wi-Fi strength can vary throughout a building and you want to make sure you have a minimum of 3 bars of signal strength on the clock.

  • Check with your Network Admin to see if any were made that might affect the device. This would most likely be if the Wi-Fi network or password was changed. Contact your timekeeping provider for additional assistance*.

Punch Logic Doesn’t Work in Offline Mode

Punch Logic is a feature that helps an employee select the next logical punch type when interacting with the clock. Punch Logic depends on an internet connection to know the employee’s last punch (IN, OUT, MEAL START, etc.) Without the internet, TimeWorksTouch doesn’t know the state of the last punch and will allow the employee to select any punch type. Once the connection is restored, Punch Logic will check the state of any punches made while offline and operate normally.

When Internet is Restored, Punches Will Transmit to the Timekeeping System

TimeWorksTouch transmits any punches collected in Offline Mode as soon as the connection is restored.

TimeWorksTouch online backup
When a connection is restored, the clock will transmit punches

The storage capacity of TimeWorksTouch is such that you should not need to worry about running out of room for offline punches.

Prints Can’t Be Enrolled in Offline Mode

Enrolling fingerprints requires validation of a supervisor’s credentials as well as checking Employee Setup for available employees. Since an internet connection is required for these steps, prints cannot be enrolled when the clock is in Offline Mode.

Device Settings Can’t Be Changed in Offline Mode

  • The following TimeWorksTouch and Device settings can’t be modified in Offline Mode:Clock Information tab

  • Clock Settings tab

  • Wi-Fi information

  • Ethernet Settings (static or DHCP configuration)

  • Date and Time Zone Settings

Once TimeWorksTouch is initially registered and running, access to the device settings are restricted behind a login. We call this “Kiosk Mode” and only Client or Accountant level users can leave Kiosk Mode. Since an internet connection is required to validate the user’s credentials, these settings cannot be adjusted in Offline Mode*. *Timekeeping providers can get instructions on how to reconfigure a clock in Offline Mode with the Support Center article titled Changing Device Settings in Offline Mode.



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