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The 6 Toughest HR Problems

When it comes to human resources, small organizations often decide to wing it or assume that some situations will work themselves out. If you're not prepared, small HR issues can quickly spiral out of control. So before you are faced with these toughest HR issues, why not learn about what they are and how you might be able to avoid them in your company? Let's get started.

  1. Dealing with negativity in the office. A negative attitude is the root of many issues you may deal with in your organization. Negativity breeds things such as passive-aggressive behavior, bullying and dissatisfaction. If you notice that negativity is becoming an issue in the workplace, you may need to address it before the issue snowballs.

  2. How to create company values and a mission statement. On a more positive note, some companies struggle with ensuring that they represent their company values at all times. Your mission statement is more than just a framed philosophy — it is the core of why and how you conduct business. Spending time on developing this may be the most important task you take on.

  3. Why employees don't listen to managers. Are you noticing that your staff doesn't seem to respect, or listen to, their direct managers? There is usually a deeper reason for this kind of insubordination. While you should never treat your staff like robots, you must also create a chain of command that makes everyone more productive. Look at the management style and see if it reflects your company goals.

  4. When to terminate an employee. Many business owners and managers will spend far too long bailing out a sinking ship. People always want to believe in the best of others, but sometimes we take it just a little too far. If someone isn't performing to your standards and has been given opportunities to improve but simply cannot, it may be time to cut the cord and start over.

  5. How to resolve workplace conflicts. On a similar note, not everyone in your office is going to get along with everyone else. Personality conflicts happen. Arguments will erupt. While you can put processes in place to prevent conflict from happening, you also need to create a plan of action for dealing with these issues when they become a bigger problem.

  6. Creating positive team-building activities. When most people hear about team-building activities, they roll their eyes. There is a lot of negative stigma surrounding most of these events, but there doesn't have to be. Work hard on developing programs, company meetings and annual events that can really bring your staff together in fun and productive ways.

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