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Self employed payroll

Self Employed Payroll

Self employed payroll is more than just a paycheck. That's why PayNortheast provides an easy and affordable self employed payroll service for just $30 per month. 


From handling payroll taxes to processing your returns, our self employed payroll service simplifies complex tasks so you save time, money, and can focus on your business.

self employed payroll service

Amazingly Simple Self Employed Payroll

Whether you're looking to outsource payroll for the first time or are thinking about switching from another payroll provider, PayNortheast makes running your self employed payroll effortless.

Self Employed Payroll


PayNortheast's self employed payroll service is the most affordable way to pay yourself a salary.

Self Employed Payroll Service


Every minute counts. Run payroll in just a few clicks, or schedule your self employed payroll to run automatically.

Self Employed Payroll Services


We do the heavy lifting. We pay your taxes, file your returns and process your year-end forms on your behalf.

PayNortheast Self Employed Payroll
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Payroll Pricing

Self Employed Payroll Service Pricing

With PayNortheast's self-employed payroll, everything's handled for you.

Pay yourself and contractors within seconds. Want to avoid dealing with payroll tax forms and filings? PayNortheast takes care of those, too.

With our self-employed payroll platform, running payroll will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Self-employed payroll for just $30 per month.

Getting Started

How To Switch Payroll To PayNortheast

Decide when to switch your self employed payroll service to PayNortheast.

The beginning of the calendar year is the best time to switch to a new payroll provider. The beginning of a new quarter is the second best option.

If neither work, PayNortheast can accommodate you at any time.

Gather all the necessary paperwork to prepare for the switch.

To get you set up, we'll need some information about you and your business. We will also need to enter historical payroll information if you're switching to PayNortheast mid-year. You can provide us with access to your current payroll account if you would like us to gather everything for you.

Access your PayNortheast account and close the account at your old provider.

We'll set up your self employed payroll account for you to ensure compliance and save you time.

simple self employed payroll

Running Payroll

Running Your Self Employed Payroll Has Never Been Easier

Spend less time running your self employed payroll, and more time on your business.

  • Run Payroll Online In Minutes - Self employed payroll shouldn't take hours. With PayNortheast, you can process your self employed payroll online within minutes.

  • Set Your Payroll To AutoRun - Stay out of the payroll process by having your self employed payroll automatically run. We will handle everything for you.

Account Access

Access Your Self Employed Payroll Service From Any Device

Process your self employed payroll, view reports, edit your information, and more, from any device, everywhere you go.

Life long account access to your data via our online self employed payroll software.

self employed payroll online
self employed payroll tax

Payroll Taxes

Your Self Employed Payroll Taxes, Paid And Filed For You

We keep track of changing tax laws and do all of the calculations for you. But we don’t just calculate your self employed payroll taxes, we file them with the right government agencies every time you run payroll.


We also file your quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, plus process and file your W2.


Other providers charge for this — with us, it’s included.

Reporting & Integration

Do More With Your Self Employed Payroll Account

Payroll and tax reports are emailed every time your self employed payroll is processed, keeping you updated on what you need to know.

Connect your self employed payroll account with Quickbooks to automate your general ledger entries, or give limited system access to your accountant.

Run hundreds of prebuilt reports or build your own.

online self employed payroll
self employed payroll

Pay Contractors

Easily Pay Vendors And Contractors From Your Self Employed Payroll Account

Send 1099 payments to contractors, vendors, and anyone else by simply adding the payee to the system. Schedule payments to be sent on a reoccurring basis or make on-time payments.


We will process and file your 1099's for you at the end of the year.

Self Employed Payroll Service Features

Automated Self Employed Payroll, Taxes, and Filings

Automated Taxes

All local, state, and federal self employed payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid automatically.

W-2s and 1099s

We issue and file your W-2 and 1099s, plus send them to you and your contractors.

Payroll On AutoRun

You can set payroll to run automatically each pay period.

Child Support Garnishments

We will set up and automatically send the payments for you for for any garnishment order.

All Of Your Self Employed Payroll Forms

We file all of your federal, state and local payroll tax forms on behalf of your company. For you, that means it's all automated, compliant, and worry free.

Form W-2

Annual report of wages, and other compensation paid to an employee, as well as the employee's taxes withheld.

Form 941

Quarterly report of federal wages, tax withheld from employees, employer's portion of Social Security or Medicare tax, and total tax deposits.

Form 940

Annual report of all wages, tax liabilities and payments made under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA).

Form 1099

Annual report of payments made to an independent contractor or unincorporated business.

State And Local Tax Forms

We file your state and local self employed payroll tax forms too. 

Flexible Payment Schedules

Your payroll frequency determines how often your scheduled self employed payroll will be processed. You can run your payroll online or have the system automatically run payroll for you.

Weekly Pay

Run your self employed payroll every week on a specific day (52 payrolls per year) with a weekly payroll schedule. Example: every Friday.

Bi-Weekly Pay

Run your self employed payroll every two weeks on a specific day (26 payrolls per year) with a bi-weekly payroll schedule. Example: every other Friday.

Semi-Monthly Pay

Run your self employed payroll twice per month on two specific dates (24 payrolls per year) with a semi-monthly payroll schedule. Example: the 15th and the last day of the month.

Monthly Pay

Run your self employed payroll every month on a specific date (12 payrolls per year) with a monthly payroll schedule. Example: on the 26th of every month.

Annual Pay

Run your self employed payroll every year on a specific day of the year (1 payroll per year) with an annual payroll schedule. Example: on the first Monday of every year.

Per Diem Pay

Run additional payrolls as often as you need. Example: 1099 Payments, correction payroll, bonus payroll, etc.

Self Employed Payroll Service Features

Multiple States

Process payroll in as many states as you need. We support all 50.

Unlimited Payrolls

Run payroll as many times as you need. Your self employed payroll services has no limits.

Contractor Payments

Pay contractors through your self employed payroll account and we automatically file and send your 1099s.


Add deductions pre-tax for benefits, or post-tax for things like garnishments. We can handle them all.


Pay yourself reimbursements for business purchases made with personal funds at the same time you run payroll.

Multiple Pay Rates

Pay contractors different rates based on the work they perform each pay period.

Payroll Reports

Generate and download reports for payroll history, contractor payments, tax payments, and more.

Accounting Integration

Sync your payroll data with QuickBooks, give your accountant access to your self employed payroll account, or download journal entries.

Direct Deposit

Your paycheck goes straight to your bank account each time you process your self employed payroll. You can pay contractors via direct deposit too.

Live Checks

We will print and mail signed & sealed checks to you and your contractors that do not enroll in direct deposit. Or print the checks on your own.

Digital PayStubs

Access your pay statements online or have them emailed every time you process payroll.

No Payroll Setup Fees

Our easy-to-use software and friendly support team are here to help. We do the heavy lifting for you and set up for self employed payroll account for you to ensure compliance and ease-of-use.

Get Started With PayNortheast's

Self Employed Payroll Service

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